The Life of Sigma

Imagine waking up in excruciating pain, fearing a trip to the ER. You expect the doctors will mess up because no one takes the time to look at your chart. You expect you won’t get an interpreter despite having English as a second language. You ask, ‘Please, call my daughter, she knows my issues.” then, at follow up appointments within the same system, your primary doctor knows nothing about what happened to you. This situation became the norm for one of our loved ones, so we made it our mission to make things better at Sigma. The life of our clinic began when we realized just how important compassionate health care is, not just for our cherished ones, but for everyone from all walks of life. Sigma was born to reassure everyone that our loved ones’ experiences will forever change for the better.

Our Vision

From inpatient to outpatient, we encompass the lives of our patients by providing care based of off small town feels in the big city. To create an environment of trust and understanding, we educate our patients at the best opportunity because we understand how delicate, and potentially life-changing these moments of life are to them. Our patients and their families can rest easy, because we truly care about better outcomes!

Our Goal

Sigma Primary Care is all about the patient. Our mission is to take care of our community by working in coordination with individual patients to promote healthy lifestyles.

Our Promise

We see healthcare as an experience, not just a service. Our providers will follow patients to most hospitals in the greater San Antonio area so they can always receive personalized care from the person who knows their needs best.

If you’d like to learn more about us or request additional information, please contact us using one of the methods below.