Patients Reviews

Dr. Maloy is great and very knowledgeable.

Crystal C.

Dr. Malloy is great! He will always be my doctor. The nurse, short w/ curly hair, middle-aged, who checks vital symptoms brings up politics and demeans the President. I do not appreciate that and it is not professional in a work setting. I have mentioned this to Doc a while back. I know she doesnt mean any harm but her political comments are unnecessary. Please have him speak to her again. Thank you in advance!

David H.

Blood draw. didn't feel a thing.

Roque G.

I had a great 1st experience w/ Dr Maloy and their staff especially the nurse/tech/phlebotomist whichever title she holds at the office (she’s the woman who took my weight and information in the room and also drew blood from me today)… she was very nice and funny.

Emily M.

The staff as well as Dr. Maloy Jr. were in good spirits which makes for a comfortable experience. Dr. listened to what I had to say then offered his plan for treatment. Dr. Maloy was very personable and professional which is exactly what I was looking for in a Primary Care Provider. I highly recommend.

John C.

I did not receive the call I was supposed to get for visit. Tests were done and was waiting for televisit. Did not come. Still don't have diagnosis or treatment. This is unusual. Love my Dr but really needed relief

Lucy N.

Very satisfied to Overall service

Naveed K.

Extremely knowledgeable and kind

Lane C.